Fall 2016, Volume 14, Issue 3

Sarah Jessica Parker shares how her family manages food allergies. Plus, asthma doesn’t stop Olympic athletes – and it doesn’t have to stop you.

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Sarah Jessica Parker
How the popular TV and film actress and producer taught her son to self-manage food allergies.
By Gary Fitzgerald

What to Consider When Choosing a Preschool
How do daycares and preschools address asthma and food allergies? Here are some questions to ask.
By Kimberly Pellicore

Gold Rush
Asthma doesn’t stop Olympic athletes – and it doesn’t have to stop you.
By P.K. Daniel

So That His Son Is Never Forgotten
Let’s Get Serious About the Flu Shot
By Purvi Parikh, MD

New E-Cigarette Regulations Restrict Youth Sales
Vapors inhaled from e-cigarettes are known to cause respiratory irritation and impede air flow.

Scare Up a Safe Halloween
Tips for parents and children with asthma, food allergies, latex allergy and eczema.

Milk – The ‘Overlooked’ Food Allergen?
With media focused mostly on peanut, milk is sometimes forgotten as a food allergen – even though it’s common among children.
By P.K. Daniel


Tell All
Readers React

Ask the Allergist
When Allergy Retesting Is Necessary

News & Views
Preventing Legionnaires’ Disease • Allergy Shots – Not Just For Kids • Children With Persistent Asthma at Risk For Early COPD • New EpiPen Instructions • FDA Approvals

Advocates In Action
Stock Epi Expands Beyond Schools

Asthma Education
OPEN-ing Up About Asthma

Survey Finds Need For Better Asthma Control

Well + Good
When Teasing Becomes Bullying … And What To Do About It

All In Good Taste
Quick Thinking: Dairy-Free, Nut-Free Pancakes On the Go

Food Allergy
The Ins and Outs of Reading Food Labels
By Erin Malawer

ACE Spotlight
A ‘Breakthrough Leader’ in School Nursing
By Brenda Silvia-Torma, MEd

Anaphylaxis Education
In Search of Latex-Safe Healthcare

Activities and Advice for Kids