Fall/Winter 2017, Volume 15, Issue 2

NBA star Richard Jefferson discusses his lifelong asthma and decision to undergo bronchial thermoplasty. Plus, what parents need to know about oral food challenges.

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Breathing Easy On and Off the Court
NBA star Richard Jefferson’s asthma was worsening. Then he underwent bronchial thermoplasty – and it saved his career.



Vaccines Give Children a Shot@Life
Vaccination saves lives. In countries such as Zambia, it’s viewed as a gift.

How Access to Healthy Foods Impacts Asthma
What do fresh fruits and vegetables have to do with asthma? A new study explains.

Oral Food Challenges: What Parents Need to Know
A tragic death has many parents of food-allergic children asking questions.

Finding a Way
How one family decided where to send their milk-allergic child to school.

Have Cat, Will Travel
Sticky cat dander can go far and wide – even accompany children to school.

Considering a Homestay?
Allergy-friendly tips for the hot travel trend of the moment – staying at an Airbnb.


Ask the Allergist
Can You Really be Allergic to the Cold?

Tell All
Readers React

News & Views
Latest Research, Resources and Medication Updates

Asthma Education
Asthma at School: To Go or Not to Go

Well + Good
One Deep Breath: How a Simple Lesson on Inhaler Technique Helped Save a Girl’s Life

Advocates In Action
Expanding Telehealth Coverage

Epinephrine Auto-Injectors

Food Allergy
Food Allergies and Family: Overcoming Disagreements

You Need 2

ACE Spotlight
ACE Volunteers Are Making a Difference

Anaphylaxis Education
5 Things to Know About Penicillin Allergy

All In Good Taste
In Your Comfort Zone: Turkey and Bean Stew and Éclair Bon Bons

Activities and Advice for Kids