Spring 2015, Volume 13, Issue 1

How climate change and air pollution are impacting allergies and asthma. Plus, a pro golfer offers tips on playing golf with spring allergies.

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Something In the Air
How climate change and air pollution impact allergies and asthma

Using Smartphone Apps to Manage Asthma
They don’t replace a doctor visit, but they can help you stay on track.

30th Anniversary Spotlight: Outreach
A look back at how Allergy & Asthma Network raised awareness through the years

Gone Golfing
A pro offers tips on playing golf with spring allergies

Pillow Talk
What to look for when shopping for pillow and mattress encasings


Tell All
Reader Letters

News & Views

Anaphylaxis Guidelines for ERs • Asthma Linked to Heart Disease • Taming Inflammation Helps COPD • Eczema and Bone Damage • Milk Allergy Affects Growth • Biofeedback Breathing Techniques • Underestimating Asthma

Ask the Allergist
How Long Are Allergy Shots Effective?

Asthma Education

Getting the Most (Medicine) Out of Your Inhaler

5 Myths About …
Food Allergies Food Allergy Teachable Moments

Skin Sense
Cold Case: A Chicago Mom and Her Daughter Dive Into Cold Urticaria

All In Good Taste
Cheesecake Without the Cheese?Yep

Rare Disease
FPIES: It’s Not Your Typical Food Allergy

Anaphylaxis Education
Anaphylaxis Unknown? Put On Your Detective Cap

Advocates In Action

Stock Epinephrine Laws: Six States to Mission Accomplished

ACE Spotlight
Taking Stock: Challenges With School Epinephrine Policies


Activities and advice for kids!