Spring 2016, Volume 14, Issue 1

How the environment you live in impacts asthma and allergy health – focusing on inner cities and rural areas. Plus, why you should get tested for penicillin allergy.

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Does Where You Live Matter?
How environment impacts asthma and allergy health.
By Beth Thomas Hertz

Asthma Care On Wheels
Increasing access to healthcare in underserved communities.
By Gary Fitzgerald

When Allergy or Cold Medication Makes You Drowsy
Tips for staying allergy when taking antihistamines.
By Purvi Parikh, MD

Mystery Meat Allergy
Symptoms act like food allergy but they don’t follow the usual patterns.
By Laurie Ross


Ask the Allergist
Allergy Immunotherapy: Shots or Tablets?

News & Views
Wi-Fi Allergy? • Don’t Make That Bed! • Asthma and Shingles • Allergies and Natural Flavors

Asthma Education
‘A Lifetime of Memories’ at Asthma Camp

Anaphylaxis Education
Allergic to Penicillin? Here’s Why You Should Get Tested

Advocates In Action
Fit to Fly: Epinephrine on Airlines

All In Good Taste
A Dairy-Free Breakfast Treat

Food Allergy
Thank You For Being a Friend

ACE Spotlight
Don’t Delay – Epinephrine Saves Lives!

Well + Good
Is Your Child Getting Enough Sleep?

Activities and Advice for Kids