Spring/Summer 2018, Volume 16, Issue 1

NBA star Richard Jefferson discusses his lifelong asthma and decision to undergo bronchial thermoplasty. Plus, what parents need to know about oral food challenges.




After the ER: Ensuring a Safe Transition of Care
From hospital to home, what you need to know to keep yourself in good health after an asthma or anaphylaxis flare.


Come Together
How Shared Decision Making between doctor and patient is transforming healthcare.

After the Storm
Flood clean-up is essential to keep mold at bay – especially after hurricanes. 

Don’t Keep It a Secret
Peter Moffat, executive producer and screenwriter of HBO’s ‘The Night Of,’ discusses his atopic dermatitis and including the condition as part of the show. 

Living With Animal Allergies – And Learning to Trust Immunotherapy
Allie Bahn grew up around animals. Now she hopes allergy shots can help keep her symptoms at bay.

Why Lupin Allergy Is Becoming More Common
As demand for gluten-free foods increase, so may the prevalence of lupin.

Going Places
Plan ahead so that your asthma and allergies don’t ruin your summer vacation.


Tell All
Readers React

News & Views
Latest Research, Resources and Medication Updates

Asthma Education
‘Still Fighting for Breath’ Global Data 

Ask the Allergist
Stepping Down Your Asthma Medication

Advocates In Action
Asthma Health Disparities

Well + Good
Native American Children Face Barriers to Asthma Care

Skin Sense
What’s Causing My Eczema? 6 Common Triggers

Food Allergy
‘Peter Rabbit’ and Food Allergies On the Big Screen

Anaphylaxis Education
Epi Storage Tips At Home and On the Go

ACE Spotlight
Stock Epi Is Saving Lives

Go Generic 

All In Good Taste

Seafood-Free Sushi


Activities and Advice for Kids