Spring/Summer 2017, Volume 15, Issue 1

Biologics and other medical advances promise to transform asthma and allergy treatment. Plus, tax breaks for food allergy and celiac disease.





Innovations In Asthma Care

Biologics and other medical advances promise to transform treatment



Power of Deduction
Tax breaks for food allergy and celiac disease? Yep, but it takes some work

What You Can Do About Climate Change
Take matters into your own hands by promoting clean air and energy efficiency

Into the Storm
What is ‘thunderstorm asthma’ and how can it be prevented?

Smart Sinus Care
How to get a handle on nasal congestion – and when it’s time to see a doctor

When Asthma Returns…
How a recent asthma flare brought one patient back to a sometimes scary reality

Milk Matters
How to ensure a healthy diet if you’re allergic to cow’s milk


Tell All
Readers React

Ask the Allergist
What Parents Need to Know About New Peanut Allergy Prevention Guidelines

News & Views
Latest Research, Resources and Medication Updates

Advocates In Action
Tell Legislators – Patients First!

Stock Albuterol Is Critical for Asthma Emergencies

Food Allergy
Inside the Head – And Heart Of a Child with Food Allergies

Anaphylaxis Education
Insect Venom Allergy: To Worry or Not to Worry

ACE Spotlight
Creating a Latex-Safe School

All In Good Taste
Patio Pleasers: Antipasto Salad, Crustless Quiche

Well + Good
How Creativity Helps People With Chronic Disease

Skin Sense
Is It Possible to Prevent Eczema

Activities and Advice for Kids