Summer 2016, Volume 14, Issue 2

How to manage asthma and allergies on a budget and maximize resources? Plus, interviews with singer-songwriter Natalie Grant and former NFL player Ickey Woods.

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Making Healthcare Work For You
How to manage asthma and allergies on a budget and maximize your resources.
By Gary Fitzgerald

Hear My Song
In an exclusive Q&A, singer-songwriter Natalie Grant discusses her daughter’s asthma.

For People With Severe Asthma, A New Hope
A patient tells her story of undergoing Bronchial Thermoplasty.
By Laurie Hochstetler

So That His Son Is Never Forgotten
How former NFL star Ickey Woods honors his son Jovante, who passed away due to asthma.
By P.K. Daniel


Tell All
Readers React

 Ask the Allergist
When Asthma Turns Severe…

News & Views
Peanut Allergy? Don’t Touch Fro-Yo Counters • Why Clean Air Is Critical During Pregnancy • Milk a Day Keeps Allergies Away • Beating the September Asthma Epidemic • New Medications

Advocates In Action
Stock Albuterol Legislation Arrives In Congress

Asthma and Smoking

Asthma Education
Where There’s Secondhand Smoke

All In Good Taste
Gluten-Free Pasta: Buon Appetito!

Food Allergy
Sesame – The 9th Food Allergen?
By Erin Malawer

ACE Spotlight
Camp Cultivate: Growth Potential

Well + Good
All Inclusive at School

Skin Sense
Can You Be Allergic to the Sun?

Anaphylaxis Education
How to Protect Yourself From Red Ants

Activities and Advice for Kids