Winter 2017, Volume 14, Issue 4

Is it possible to prevent
allergies and asthma? Plus, celebrity chef Elizabeth Falkner on how she manages atopic dermatitis in and out of the kitchen.




Halting the Allergic March
Is it possible to prevent
allergies and asthma? The
answer likely lies in a tangle of genetics, environmental factors and diet.

Skin Deep With Elizabeth Falker
How the celebrity chef manages her atopic dermatitis – in and out of the kitchen.

Pay Now to Pay Later
How to choose an insurance
plan that suits your
healthcare needs and uses
the deductible to your advantage.

How to Recognize RSV
What to do when the common cold turns
into the more serious respiratory syncytial virus?

In the Southwest, Cedar Fever Soars In Winter
Beware the mountain cedar, which releases its pollen from December to February.

Miss Delaware Shines Spotlight on Allergy Awareness
When Amanda Debus walked across the Miss America stage, she was an inspiration to millions living with food allergies and asthma.


Tell All
Readers React

Ask the Allergist
Eyes Wide Open, with Leonard Bielory, MD

News & Views
Allergy Gender Gap • Asthma Support At School • Skip the Antibacterial Soap • Telemedicine for Asthma • Adults Don’t Always Recognize Their Asthma • Add Flu Vaccine to Routine Prenatal Care?
• Proximity Food Challenge • Bringing Pulmonary Rehab Into Homes

Advocates In Action
A Climate for Change

Asthma Education
OPEN-ing Up About Asthma

Asthma | COPD

Well + Good
Talking to Your Teen About Drugs

All In Good Taste
Go Topsy Turkey With This Holiday Feast

ACE Spotlight
In An Emergency, ‘Epi First, Epi Fast’ 

Food Allergy
Let It Snow! Managing Food Allergies At a Ski Resort

Anaphylaxis Education
Holiday Party Prep – The Power of Role Play

Activities and Advice for Kids