Community Volunteering (Outreach Service Coordinators)

Volunteers Make the Difference!

Allergy & Asthma Network’s national headquarters is in Vienna, Virginia, but its local presence depends on the community volunteers we call Outreach Service Coordinators (OSCs).

OSCs are ambassadors sharing Allergy & Asthma Network resources all across the country. These are individuals with allergies or asthma, their parents, grandparents and friends, as well as nurses, clinic workers and other healthcare professionals who want to educate their local communities about asthma, allergies and anaphylaxis and raise awareness of these chronic conditions.

Some distribute educational materials to schools, libraries and hospitals a few hours a week. Others devote more time, speaking to community groups about the basics of asthma, participating in local and statewide coalitions to improve asthma and allergy education, and working with government officials to create laws supporting the rights of people with asthma and allergies. Allergy & Asthma Network provides the training and resources needed to get started.

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