September 2016 e-News


EpiPen $: More Must Be Done
How is Allergy & Asthma Network working to ensure access and affordability of epinephrine? A solution comes in three parts, writes President and CEO Tonya Winders. Read more

Ask the Allergist: Food & Asthma
Research studies do not directly link specific foods to asthma flares, but there are important dietary considerations to keep in mind, says allergist Neeta Ogden, MD. Read more

Managing Asthma In Schools
Care coordination among doctors, school nurses and parents is important. AAAAI has developed resources through its School-based Asthma Management Program. Read more

How to Remove Home Pollution
The Kodicals knew indoor allergens and irritants impacted their daughter’s asthma, but they didn’t know what was causing her symptoms and what the best solution was. Read more

Asthma and Allergies On the Go
Book an allergy-friendly hotel room. Track pollen counts at your destination. Locate a hospital or pharmacy … Here’s what to look for in a travel app. Read more

Snack Smarter with Surf Sweets
Organic gummy candy and jelly beans, free of the top 10 allergens, no artificial colors and

Dangers of Secondhand Smoke
CDC reports 58 million Americans are regularly exposed to secondhand smoke. It’s particularly harmful to children with still-developing lungs. Read more | CDC Guide for Quitting Smoking

Patient Advocacy Movement
Help enact change and shape policy for quality respiratory patient care at the Respiratory Patient Advocacy Meeting, Friday, Oct. 14 in San Antonio. Read more

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