Town Hall Meetings

How do I find a Town Hall Meeting in my area?

  • Check your policymaker’s website, Facebook page and Twitter feed to find out the date and location of any upcoming town hall meetings. For Members of Congress, go to or and enter your ZIP code to be directed to the appropriate website.
  • If no meeting information is listed on the website, call the policymaker’s local office in your town/state. The phone number should be listed on their website.
  • You can also check your local newspaper for announcements about upcoming town hall meetings, “office hours” or special events for constituents. Town hall meetings are often held on short notice and events are sometimes added to the schedule at the last minute.
  • Sign-up through a Member’s website to receive e-newsletters and notices about the policymaker’s meetings in your area.

Be Prepared

  • Visit your policymaker’s website, Facebook page or Twitter feed and read the latest press releases, speeches, newsletters, and Tweets to find out where they stand on issues they are currently following.
  • Prepare yourself with talking points, fact sheets and other material that will be useful to fully understand the issue. Bring printed copies for the policymaker. If you have any questions, contact Allergy & Asthma Network’s Director of Advocacy.
  • Write down one or two brief questions that you would like to ask your policymaker. Focus on a specific subject (e.g. school-based asthma management plans) or piece of legislation (e.g. HR 2285, “School-Based Respiratory Health Management Act”) Do not include long introductory statements in your questions, just state your name and the city where you live.
  • Practice asking your question(s) until you can do it in 20 seconds or less.
  • Get directions to the meeting and research nearby parking or public transportation options.

Day of the Town Hall Meeting

  • Introduce yourself to the staff and offer your business card or other contact information (you may be asked to sign in).
  • Ask if you need to sign up in advance to ask a question.
  • Sit in the front of the audience. If microphones are set up in the aisle, sit as close to the aisle as possible so you can quickly get to the microphone when it is time to ask questions.

Follow Up

  • Call, write or visit your policymaker to thank them for having the town hall meeting and schedule a follow up appointment to discuss next steps on your issue.

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