Telephone Calls

Telephone conversations are also an effective way to communicate with legislators. While it is unlikely that you will speak with the legislator directly, staff will generally welcome reasonable phone calls from constituents. Strategically, any phone calls that come into the legislative office are likely to be tallied. Staff will probably not have time to take down a personal story.

  • Identify yourself as a constituent
  • Clearly state your position

Refer to the bill by its official number (e.g., “I would like Senator Jones to vote in support of S. 7”). Give concise reasons for your support or opposition of the issue.

  • Request a response

This lets the office know that you are serious about your request and just might be watching when the vote is taken.

  • Be brief

Do not take more than a minute on the phone unless you have previously established a relationship with the staffer. Your phone message is likely to get translated into a tally mark no matter what you say. If you find that the nature of a phone call precludes you from relating an important argument or story, write and send a detailed letter. 

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