Writing to Legislators

Letter writing allows you to fully explain your views and concerns to lawmakers. It is also the effective way to ask your legislators to introduce, cosponsor, support or oppose specific legislation.

  • Identify yourself as a constituent

This is essential because the primary duty of a legislative office is to represent the people who live in their district.

  • State (and repeat) your position

Make your position and/or request clear in both your opening and closing paragraphs. State what action you want. Do you want the member to cosponsor a bill? Vote for a bill? If you want to know the member’s stand on an issue, ask about it specifically and request a response.

  • Be brief and simple

  • Keep your letter to one page

  • Personalize your message

Persuasive constituent mail humanizes issues by placing them in a local, personal context. Use your own words and personal perspective.

  • Be polite and avoid ultimatums

  • Do not enclose additional materials

  • Do not exaggerate or lie

  • Be persistent

You may have to ask more than once before the office is able to respond to your request.

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