School Stock Albuterol and Asthma Management

When the Asthmatic Schoolchildren’s Treatment and Health Management Act was signed into law in 2004, it led to legislation in all 50 states ensuring schoolchildren with asthma had the right to self-carry and administer their quick-relief inhaler at school.

But what if the child’s inhaler is left at home, gets lost during the school day, or is expired?

There is movement in states across the country to pass laws or guidelines that standardize asthma management plans in schools and permit schools to stock emergency supplies of albuterol inhalers with a prescription and administer to a student believed to be in respiratory distress.  This type of preparation and management in schools will not only improve a child’s health, but will also ensure students are able to focus on learning.

Currently 13 states have laws or guidelines to implement asthma action plans and increase access to appropriate and timely asthma treatment for students while in school. Action at the federal level is pending in the 116th Congress. The “School-Based Allergies and Asthma Management Program Act” (H.R.2468) was introduced by House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (MD) and Rep. Phil Roe (TN) in May 2019 and incentivizes states to act.

Check the status of your state in the map below. States colored light blue do not have stock albuterol legislation.

USAlbuterol, School Stock albuterol, map

States with stock albuterol laws: States with stock albuterol guidelines:




New Hampshire

New Mexico







New York


Allergy & Asthma Network encourages asthma patients, families and school officials to contact their state and federal elected officials and urge them to support school stock albuterol policies, contact Charmayne Anderson, Director of Advocacy, at or 800.878.4403.

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