New Hampshire – Stock Epinephrine Law

Allergy & Asthma Network supports SB25, the New Hampshire stock epinephrine bill introduced in the 2015 legislative session. This legislation would ensure that all elementary and high school students have emergency epinephrine auto-injectors stored within their schools in case an anaphylaxis attack should happen.

The New Hampshire legislature has now adjourned and will reopen in January 2016.

ACE Team:

Ellen Lencsak, RN of Hollis Primary School
Hollis, NH

Sample ACE Team Activities:

Ellen Lencsak, RN, school nurse in New Hampshire, incorporated a food allergy lesson into the school’s third grade health curriculum. She taught allergy avoidance education including how to read food labels, to 92 students.

Ms. Lencsak facilitated an allergy education discussion with all four kindergarten classes in her elementary school. During this discussion, 57 children learned about food allergies and the importance of having a safe eating space.

In addition, Ms. Lencsak met with students in the school’s two nut-safe classrooms, one in first grade (15 students), one in third grade (17 students). She facilitated a discussion with them about protecting their friends with food allergies, having respect for others and having empathy.

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