Fall/Winter 2018 – Volume 16, Issue 2

From hospital to home, what you need to know to keep yourself in good health after an asthma or anaphylaxis flare. Plus, how Shared Decision Making is changing doctor-patient relationships.




20 The Asthma Gender Gap
Why adult asthma is more common – and often more severe – among women.



16 Choosing Relief
From “active ingredients” to “dosing instructions, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to read a medication label.

18 Sharing Is Caring
A new Shared Decision Making tool for severe asthma helps doctors and patients determine the best treatment.

24 ‘We Called Him Itty’
Izaiah Fiedler was outgoing, kind-hearted and had big dreams. When he died in May 2017, nothing about it made sense, his mom says.

30 Elijah’s Echo
After his 3-year-old son died from an anaphylactic reaction, Thomas Silvera is stressing the need for improved food allergy education in childcare settings.

34 Your Ragweed Pollen Primer
What is ragweed and why is it so bothersome every fall? Can you still go outside and enjoy nature? Here’s what you need to know.



8 Tell All
Readers React

9 Ask the Allergist
Getting a Good Night’s Sleep With Eczema

10 News & Views
Latest Research, Resources and Medication Updates

15 Asthma Education
Keeping Sneezes from Becoming Wheezes

17 Infographic

Asthma and Oral Corticosteroids

26 Well + Good
After Anaphylaxis: Back to Baseline

27 Advocates In Action
Why Epinephrine Auto-Injectors Are Needed on Airlines

28 Food Allergy
Helping Teens Gain Confidence in Social Situations

28 Anaphylaxis Education
Can Poinsettia Plants Cause a Latex-Allergic Reaction?

32 ACE Spotlight
Is Your Child ‘Allergy-Safe at School’?

33 All In Good Taste
Food That Warms from the Inside Out

35 Breatherville
Activities and Advice for Kids