Fall/Winter 2019, Volume 17, Issue 2

The prospect of an in-flight emergency is a serious concern for people with asthma and allergies. Plus, a look at eye allergies, severe asthma in children and when to step down treatment.




17 Which Airlines Make the Grade?
Air travel is fast and convenient, but the prospect of an in-flight medical emergency remains a serious concern for people with asthma and allergies.



10 Don’t Overlook the Eyes
What to do when your eyes swell due to allergies?

12 Taking Asthma & Allergies to School
A few not-to-be-missed items to add to your back to school to-do list

20 Severe Asthma In Children
What you need to watch for – and how to determine the best treatment

22 When the Next Step Is a Step Down
New guidelines for identifying when a patient is ready to reduce treatment

24 Journey of Hope
How one patient took control of her severe asthma and overcame anxiety

28 ‘Food Allergy Advice to My Teenage Self’
When there’s a nagging feeling of, ‘I wish I had known back then’



7 Tell All
Readers React

8 News & Views
Latest Research, Resources and Medication Updates

13 Infographic
How to Avoid the September Asthma Peak

23 Asthma Education
Your Asthma Safe Sleep Zone

26 Related Diseases
When Asthma Meets COPD

27 Skin Sense
Managing Eczema: To Bathe or Not to Bathe

30 Ask the Allergist
Outgrowing a Food Allergy

31 Food Allergy
Carrying Epinephrine: Stunning Statistics, Easy Solutions

32 Anaphylaxis Education
Food Allergy Symptoms: Mild vs. Serious

33 All in Good Taste
Say Yay to Snacks

34 Teen Life with Asthma
What to Expect When You’re In the Hospital

35 Breatherville
Activities and Advice for Kids