Spring/Summer 2019, Volume 17, Issue 1

Actress Tia Mowry of “Sister, Sister” fame shares how she manages her son’s peanut allergy. Plus, a look at severe asthma, dust mite immunotherapy and step therapy policies.




8 A Life-Changing Diagnosis
Actress Tia Mowry of “Sister, Sister” fame shares how she manages her son’s peanut allergy – and encourages others to do the same. 


13 Is Dust Mite Immunotherapy Right For You?
Allergy shots and tablets are now available for those who struggle with allergies to these creepy critters.

14 A Prescription for Success
How to ensure you get the medication you need – when you need it.

18 Room to Breathe: Understanding Severe Asthma
Severe asthma is not “just asthma” – it can be a truly devastating and life-threatening condition.

26 When Traveling Abroad
Asthma and allergy tips to help make your next international trip a fun, healthy and relaxing one.

32 How to Treat Spring Allergies
Understanding the newly updated Allergic Rhinitis Guidelines



5 Tell All
Readers React

6 News & Views
Latest Research, Resources and Medication Updates

15 Advocates In Action
Step Therapy Policies Fail Patients

16 Asthma Education
Teen Spirit

17 Ask the Allergist
Stick With It: Strategies for Asthma Medication Adherence

23 Infographic
What Patients Want

24 Food Allergy
Amusement Parks Take Food Allergies Seriously

25 Anaphylaxis Education
Epinephrine Treatments

27 All In Good Taste
Soups – Not Just For Winter

30 Skin Sense
Breaking the Itch-Scratch Cycle

31 Infographic
What’s the Best Treatment For My Atopic Dermatitis?

33 Well + Good
Turning Up the Heat on E-Cigarettes

34 Related Diseases
All About AERD

35 Breatherville
Activities and Advice for Kids