Dose Counter

Bronchodilator (quick-relief) inhalers relax airway muscles to give prompt relief of asthma symptoms; however, they will not work if the inhaler is empty of medication. The problem is that metered-dose inhalers (MDIs) continue to sound and feel full even when they are not. Inactive gases remain in the canister long after the active ingredients run out, and the inhaler will continue to release some spray when activated.

The ideal solution is an integrated dose counter – a device that records and displays the number of sprays remaining in your inhaler, providing you with an accurate measurement of life-saving medication. If your MDI doesn’t have a dose counter, use a daily symptom diary or other method of counting to keep track.

Allergy & Asthma Network believes dose counters should be required on all asthma inhalers. Without a counter, there is no accurate or convenient way for patients to track the number of doses remaining in an inhaler.

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