Join an ACE Team

Anaphylaxis Community Expert (ACE) teams across the country unite volunteer allergists, school nurses, pediatricians and other healthcare professionals with members of their community to conduct free seminars, awareness events and media outreach.

Their mission: to raise awareness, reduce anxiety and eliminate deaths due to anaphylaxis through outreach, education and advocacy.

ACE Team Goals:

  • Discuss what anaphylaxis is and how to respond to anaphylaxis emergencies in a timely manner by always carrying two epinephrine auto-injectors
  • Identify and refer those at risk of anaphylaxis to an allergist for complete allergy diagnostics, treatment and training
  • Discuss how to prevent an anaphylaxis episode by eliminating exposures to known allergens
  • Develop partnerships with stakeholders and policy makers to reinforce students’ right to carry their anaphylaxis medication at school
  • Create and expand awareness of anaphylaxis as a life-threatening condition

The Allergy & Asthma Network ACE administrative team provides training, motivation and resources.

To get started on becoming an ACE Volunteer  contact