Backpack Health – Easy Access to Your Health Info

Now you can store your personal health data in one place – and access it anytime, anywhere.

Allergy & Asthma Network partnered with Backpack Health to offer patients and caregivers a cloud-based mobile app and web-based platform that securely stores, organizes, tracks and shares your health information.

Think about it: No more paperwork to bring to your allergist appointment! And just like a real backpack, the free, multilingual platforms allow patients and caregives to carry around their medical information and documents – in one centralized location.

Learn more and register at:

How does this benefit you?

  • Upload 50GB of documents, images, videos and audio files.
  • Access your medical info – even without an Internet connection.
  • Build Share Cards of your health info that are easily converted to PDF and shared by text or email.
  • Find critical health resources and research opportunities.

Is it secure?

  • Backpack Health will always let you know what personal data they have collected and why.
  • You’re in control. You decide what gets shared and with whom.
  • You can share your de-identified data for research without compromising your privacy.
  • More on Backpack Health privacy