December 2016 eNews


Holiday Party Prep
Role play with food-allergic children so they know how to avoid an accidental exposure — and what to do if it happens. Read more

What Can Your Gift Do?
Please remember Allergy & Asthma Network in end-of-year charitable giving. Your gift will immediately expand our awareness, education, advocacy and research efforts. Donate now

Allergic To Cold?
A patient asks: “I experience hives whenever I go outside in cold weather or dip into cold water. What can I do?” Allergist Janna Tuck, MD, responds. Read more

Halting the Allergic March
Is it possible to prevent allergies and asthma? The answer may lie in a tangle of genetics, diet and environmental factors. Allergy & Asthma Today cover story — Read more

How to Read a Food Label
Parents and schools often make food allergy decisions based on food labels. Understanding what’s required on labels — and not required — can make those decisions easier. Read more

Choosing a Delivery Device
How do doctors decide the best way for you to take your asthma medication? Remember that you can be part of the decision process — plus five more factors. Read more

Cedar Fever Soars In Southwest
Most trees release their pollen in spring and fall, but in parts of Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arizona, the mountain cedar releases its pollen in wintertime. Read more

Understanding Penicillin Allergy
If you think you’re allergic to penicillin, get tested; allergists say it’s not always a lifelong condition. Read more

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Our monthly webinars are available on demand:

* Inhaler Confusion
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TeensAn Opportunity For
Teens With Asthma
Parents: The 3C Institute, in partnership with Columbia University, is seeking teens to test CAMP Air, an
online program to help them learn
to manage and improve asthma.