July 2016 Outreach Publications


How GERD Affects Asthma
Many asthma patients also experience reflux, or GERD. What are some prevention and treatment strategies? Allergist Kevin McGrath, MD, weighs in. Read more

New EpiPen® Instructions
FDA recently announced changes to safety labeling for epinephrine auto-injectors, including EpiPen brands. Check out our “How to use an Epinephrine Auto-Injector” page for details.

Xolair® Update; SLIT Uncertainty
Latest news on allergy and asthma treatments: Xolair’s age range expands to children 6 to 11; Merck passes rights to SLIT immunotherapy tablets back to ALK-Abello.

Understanding Asthma Meds
Many parents find it difficult to navigate the confusing world of asthma medications, per a recent study. Read more | Newly updated:Respiratory Inhalers at a Glance poster

Webinars Available On Demand
Did you miss the July webinar on insect venom allergy? All our webinars are available on our website. Register now for our Aug. 23 webinar on the September Asthma Peak with Bryan Martin, DO, ACAAI President.

Smoking And Asthma
Cigarette smoke is the second-most cited cause of asthma flares and it can lead to more frequent and severe symptoms. Read more | CDC Guide for Quitting Smoking

All About Portable Nebulizers
If you or your child use a nebulizer to manage asthma or another respiratory condition at home, you may want to consider investing in a portable unit for travel or day trips. Read more

On Legionnaires’ Disease
People with asthma and COPD are at increased risk from this life-threatening form of pneumonia caused by breathing droplets of contaminated water. Read more | CDC Toolkit

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JULY 2016

Topics include emergency anaphylaxis care, food allergy management in schools, anaphylaxis legislation, and more.
3 regional summits!
Sept. 23 – St. Louis
Sept. 30 – Orlando
Oct. 7 – Las Vegas

Conference Logo AAI 2016Allergy, Asthma & ENT Conference: Aug. 5-7,
San Antonio, Texas
Sessions include pediatric allergy, immunotherapy, sinusitis and COPD.