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Food Allergy Tips — From a Chef
Navigating restaurants and menu options can be a challenge for people with food or latex allergy. Here’s Las Vegas chef Keith Norman’s recipe for success. Read more

‘Smoking and Asthma’ Webinar
Join us Dec. 8 for our next webinar — Michael Blaiss, MD, confronts the realities of smoking and asthma, including the use of e-cigarettes. Register now | Webinar archive

Explaining Winter Dry Eye
“I experience a dry, burning sensation in my eyes during the winter and they often turn red. What can I do?” a reader asks. Leonard Bielory, MD, discusses dry eye. Read more

Elizabeth Falkner: Skin Deep
The celebrity chef and author discusses how she manages her atopic dermatitis — in and out of the kitchen. Q&A interview

ACAAI Studies: Peanut Allergy, ‘Food Deserts’ and Asthma
Updated peanut allergy guidelines are coming soon. Here’s a recap of research presented at ACAAI’s annual meeting. Read more

Is Your Asthma Hard to Control?
If you experience symptoms two or more times per week, you could have severe asthma, a more acute form of the disease. Find out for sure:

Asthma and RSV
Children with asthma may be at high risk for Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). It tends to occur and spread in winter and it’s a leading cause of hospitalization for infants. Read more

5 Myths About the Flu
Can you get the flu from the flu shot? Do antiviral and antibiotic medications relieve flu symptoms? What about pregnant women — should they get the vaccine? Myths debunked. Read more

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