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Ask the Allergist: When to Step Down Asthma Meds

Your asthma symptoms are improving, and now you’re wondering if you can reduce your daily asthma medication. We asked Cherie Zachary, MD, to explain how allergists determine when to step down therapy. Watch now


USAnaphylaxis Summit
Watch on demand presentations from leading experts in food allergy and anaphylaxis:

Latex Allergy Awareness Week
It’s coming up on Oct. 1-7 and the theme this year is “Beyond the Gloves.” Read more | Free poster (PDF) | Kevin Kelly, MD, discusses latex allergy at USAnaphylaxis Summit

Choosing a Preschool
Registering your child for daycare or preschool next fall? Here’s what questions you need to ask to find out how each handles asthma and food allergies. Read more

After the Storm: Mold Clean-Up
Floodwater inside your home can make the air unhealthy and lead to mold, a common allergy and asthma trigger. Here are some post-flood clean-up tips. Read more

Managing Asthma at School
What if the school nurse administered a child’s daily asthma medication every morning at school? Researchers in Washington, D.C. recently studied its viability. Read more

Why Stock Albuterol Is Critical
Any delay in treating an asthma flare increases the risk of hospitalization. Emergency albuterol inhalers in schools can keep children healthy, safe and in the classroom. Infographic

Video Blog: Happy Birthdays
“Food allergy mom” Amanda Eisen offers tips on planning a food allergy-safe birthday party, with recipes fit for a princess. Watch now

Get Involved — Be an Advocate
Concerned about costs of asthma medications? Want to lend your voice to the healthcare policy debate on Capitol Hill? Here’s how to get started. Survey

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